More than an Urban Backdrop
April 19.2021

Throughout history public art has continuously evolved, and with it, has its importance and our interpretation. So as modern artists broaden the already wide range of media that comprises public art, we see those effects in our communities more and more. From large sculptures to small street art to historical architecture and monuments, it goes beyond improving the aesthetic quality within a neighborhood. Public art can revitalize a community by increasing the levels of engagement and social connection.

Contemporary artists not only enhance the beauty of everyday life by making each community they touch more desirable, they also show how public art can function as a powerful catalyst for improved mental and physical health.

Public art inspires life throughout 3Roots, everything from beautiful landscape designs and structures to San Diego’s locally crafted murals by California Artworks owner, Matthew Cavanagh. Experience what he has planned for our community residents to enjoy every day as he takes us through his artistic process, explains what public art means to him and gives us a sneak peek at some of the designs that could be just steps from your front door!