Spread Your Roots In Sorrento Mesa
November 30.2020

How would you like to explore the world and leave little to no carbon footprint? At 3Roots you can explore and discover life's indulgences both accessibly and sustainably. Whether you are relaxing at home or riding a shuttle to work, be a part of San Diego’s first Climate Action Planned Community.

3Roots is taking the meaning of smart home to the next level. You can expect cleaner water and purified air due in large to the collaboration of the expert minds of our partners who have utilized advanced EPA approved technology to accentuate a healthy living environment. Not only will you breathe well, but you can sleep well at night knowing that everything from at-home security, utilities, and entertainment systems are centralized and controllable for convenience of mind and pocket.

When the outside world is calling, pick up a bike at the Mobility Hub. This centrally located launching pad houses bike racks and repair shops ready to provide transportation and further connectivity. Schedule a range of ride-sharing options using our onsite concierge and online portal or plug in your electric vehicles at our various charging stations throughout all of our neighborhoods.

With plenty of walkable parks or bikeable attractions, take comfort in our efforts to make the world a more sustainable place for you and your family. Join the 3Roots community, join the charge for sustainable living, and feel proud of your home.