Your Personal Nirvana
June 16.2021

This community is on the rise and there is no stopping in sight! With a panoramic view like this, one can really start to imagine what life in 3Roots can be. From the stunning craftsmanship going into each structure to the pathways designed to lead you to your personal nirvana, we are gearing up to give you more than just a place to live but a place to grow. Discover your roots through wellness programs, fitness centers, year round sunshine and close proximity to the San Diego area. This enormous piece of southern California soil is looking more like your dream home everyday. 

3Roots will boast over 1,200 homes in a variation of styles to suit a variety of lifestyles including townhomes, single family homes, condos, bungalows, flats and villas. Take a closer look as we soar over four of our neighborhoods; Hudson, Dorsey, Palmer and Brio. Designed to perfection - these four neighborhoods are setting the tone for this welltopia to take shape. Our three builders, California West, Lennar and Shea Homes, curated a community that encompasses wisdom, wonder and wellness by giving each and every space a purpose. 

These homes will stand in full glory before you know it so stay tuned for more neighborhood reveals, details on community amenities and household luxuries.