Watch Our Roots Grow
Mar. 4.2021

The story continues! While it may look like not much has changed, we are right on schedule.

As the construction process continues, our land is…

Get To Know Our Builders: Shea
Feb. 12.2021

All around this country, you’ll see the Shea family’s legacy in countless places—the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge, to name just a few. These…

Get To Know Our Builders: California West
Feb. 3.2021

A home is where we make time for ourselves, re-energize, reflect on life and enjoy personal experiences unique to our own. We may share our home with family…

Get To Know Our Builders: Lennar
Jan. 27.2021

Since 1954, Lennar has delivered new homes to more than one million families nationwide. Known for their signature Everything’s Included® approach to…

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